Channel activity of past debris flows at the Bruchji torrent (Aletsch region, Valais)

The purpose of this study was to reconstruct spatio-temporal patterns of debris-flow events at the Bruchji torrent. Therefore, a detailed geomorphic map was elaborated in a first step serving as a basis for the sampling of heavily affected trees on the debris-flow cone.

Tree-ring analysis allowed reconstruction of 40 event years between 1867 and 1996. Through the precise localisation of the affected trees on the map spatial patterns for the events could be determined. In total 11 formerly active debris-flow channels were identified and their activity assessed. Past debris-flow events at the Bruchji torrent showed five different patterns of spatial activity. Until the 1930s, especially the western part of the cone was affected before the event of 1935 influenced for the first time also the eastern sector.

Project applicants : Swiss Federal Office for Water and Geology (FOWG); Forest and Landscape Authority of the Canton of Valais; Road and River Engineering Authority of the Canton of Valais; Naters community


Collaboration : Department of Physical Geography, University of Frankfurt /M. (Germany)

Contact : Markus Stoffel

Publications :

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