Reconstruction of past debris-flow frequency at Torrent de Pétérey (VS)

The Torrent de Pétérey (Val d’Anniviers, Valais, Switzerland) is well known for its debris-flow events and its characteristic debris-flow cone. As the torrent passes through the village of Zinal, several protective measures (deflection dam, retention basin) have been realized over the past few years. Many of the Norway spruce and European larch trees colonizing the cone have been disturbed by past events and have thus registered evidence of past activity in their tree-ring series. On the cone, dendrogeomorphological methods are used in order to reconstruct the frequency as well as the spatial behavior of past events.

Project duration : July 2006 to August 2007


Contact : Markus Stoffel


Stoffel, M., Bollschweiler (2009): Tree-ring reconstruction of past debris flows based on a small number of samples – possibilities and limitations. Landslides 6: 225–230. [PDF]